A delightful area to discover in every season


The harvest ritual is carried out every year; only the finest grapes are selected and gathered with care and experience by hand. There is always a certain excitement, a desire to finish it all before the weather worsens, satisfaction in knowing when to wait, pride in the quality of the crop gathered.


Pruning begins about the time of Saint Martin's day, when the vines have lost their first leaves and begun their moment of dormancy. Whilst the new wine is settling, it’s time to discover the flavours and food matches our typical products invite you to try.


The vine has progressed from the first little hairy leaf to the bud and then to an outline of a cluster which will become “pepper corn" berries and then real fruit, which will be coloured once the summer arrives.


In the final phase of summer, when the only thing left to do is check and wait for the right moment to start the harvest, walking among the rows of vineyards, berries are picked off here and there, in an attempt to evaluate their flavour and sweetness. Grape clusters are observed to pinpoint the state of the grape and divine the fragrances soon to be "bottled".