Besøg Sri Lanka Juli 2012

Renzo Montanari.
The Montanari family, although present in the wine market from generations, began its work as we understand it today, since the 40s of the 1900, with Costante and Massimo Montanari. The two brothers, even in the limited scope of local and provincial boundaries, have been able to exploit the historic and fruitful area in which they lived, creating this thriving business, which today is increasingly active, even after three generations. In the late '60s, took over the leadership of the company Renzo Montanari, Massimo’s son, that even at a young age, could feel the enormous market potential and transformed the company, from a young local business to one more expanded over large areas of national and international level. Today Marco and Michela, Renzo’s two sons, have joined their father in the management, whom with daily efforts, work together with the goal of continuing to develop what the Montanari family has built with passion for almost 100 years of history.The group Montanari is made of the best technicians, assisted by passion and supported by years of experience under every aspect of the work that brings a treasure made of smells, colors, aromas and emotions on the tables of the world. Every wine that we are proud to present shows a piece of our history, of our environment, of the nature, of the culture and of the traditions of Italy. The wine for us is in not only a drink, but a card to discover what the land and the people could create in a nectar that evocates passion, efforts, joy and history.
Wine is life.